Bolton Cricket League

est. 1930

Cup Dates for your Diary

Cup Dates for your Diary

Few Cup matches coming up

Sunday 28th July Birtwistle Cup Final
Farnworth v Horwich 1pm Start at Farnworth

T20 Area Finals 
Horwich are through to T20 finals day at Ormskirk. 
There game is 10am v Garstang 
Winner will play Ormskirk or Burnley at 4pm

Thursday 1st Aug 
U11s Cup Final
Horwich v Farnworth SC or Bradshaw (Semi final being played Thurs 24th July) 6pm start at Horwich

Sunday 4th Aug 
U13s cup Final – This will be a 2pm start details to follow
Semi final are not played till 25th July.

LKO Semi Final
Horwich v Darwen 1pm Start at Horwich

Sunday 11th Aug
Hamer Cup Final 
Walkden v Bradshaw 1pm Start at Horwich

Peter Stafford Semi Final 
Atherton v Horwich 1.30pm Start at Atherton

Saturday 24th Aug
U18s Jake Tatlock Final
FSC/LH v Eagley 5pm Start at Farnworth SC

Sunday 1st Sept 
Peter Stafford Final 
Atherton or Horwich v Bradshaw 1.30pm at the winners of the semi finals ground

Reserve dates in case of bad weather 
Hamer Cup reserve date 25th Aug
Birtwistle cup reserve date 4th Aug & 25th Aug
Peter Stafford reserve date 15th Sept

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