Bolton Cricket League

est. 1930


Peter Stafford Trophy 2019

15 Feb 2018

PETER STAFFORD TROPHY 2019At the next AGM I will be proposing that the Peter Stafford Trophy is run on a league basis, rather than as a knock-out, and will be played after the season ends. The main season will run from late April till early August, with the Peter Stafford matches in August and September. A total of 23 games guaranteed for all teams, rather than a minimum of 21 at present.

Leagues will comprise six teams playing five matches, with the exception of the bottom division where there will only be four teams. In the first season teams will be placed depending on their finishing position in the league at the end of the 2018 season. The top six first teams from the Premier Division will be in the first tier, the bottom four and the two promoted teams in the second tier, the middle six teams from the Association in the third tier, the bottom two teams from the Association and the top four second teams in the fourth tier, the remaining six teams from the Premier second team division in the fifth tier, the top six teams from the Association second team division in the sixth tier and the remaining four teams in the seventh tier.

Had this happened this season the leagues would have been (second teams in italics);

1st – F, Br, K, We, FSC, Wa

2nd – Ho, L, Ea, He, At, DH

3rd – DL, Bl, AB, Ad, T, LL

4th – G, LH, We, FSC, Br, He

5thHo, AB, F, K, DL, LH

6th- DH, Bl, Ea, L, LL, Wa

7thG, At, Ad, T

The top two teams in each division would be promoted and the bottom two relegated from 2019 onward. This will mean most teams are likely to have something to play for up to the last match of the season.

It also means matches will be more competitive than at the moment, where teams from the top of the Premier division can play one from the bottom of the Association division.

Assuming the rules stay broadly the same, matches will not need to start before 1pm, rather than some commencing at 12.30pm at present.