Bolton Cricket League

est. 1930


Proposed Rule Amendments

9 Aug 2017

1. Rule 13(c) replace with “Clubs may register any player who ineligible for ECB competitions. The registration will not be revoked if the player becomes ineligible for the ECB competitions during the season. Clubs may register for first team cricket only one player who is not eligible for ECB competitions. Players from overseas must comply will Home Office directives.”

2. Rule 26fii (Run Rates). Delete and replace with "The CricHQ Duckworth Lewis run rate will apply. If necessary the batsmen's scores on the scoreboard will not be used and the D/L rate will be shown instead."

3. Peter Stafford Trophy. Rule 1. Replace with "The competition will be played to the prevailing Lancashire KO Rules, with first matches in coloured clothing.

4. Peter Stafford Trophy Rule 3. Replace with "The quarter finals will be contested by the five group winners and the three runners up with most points. Where points are equal CricHQ run rates will determine the placings."

5. T20 Rule 3. Two points will be awarded for a win, one point for a tie or no result.

6. T20 Rule 4. Delete.

7. T20 Rule 5. Add "Where points are equal CricHQ run rates will determine the placings."

8. T20 Rule 16.2 Replace with "When there are delays or interruption matches will be played to CricHQ Duckworth Lewis rules, using the ECB Rules as a basis for the calculations."

9. T20 19.1.2 Delete.