Bolton Cricket League

est. 1930


2019 Player Registrations and Transfers

Below is the list of players which have been Registered or Transferred with Bolton League Clubs for 2019 Season.

Registrations and Transfers are now closed till after the end of the season.


Player Name Registering Club Previous Club Transfer / Registration Pro / Overseas Date Registered
Carl Morris Adlington   Registration   26/07/2019
Daniel Hodson Adlington   Registration   23/07/2019
Gulraiz Sadaf Adlington   Registration Pro 23/04/2019
Phil Ellis Adlington   Registration   23/07/2019
Rauf Quayyum Adlington   Registration   22/04/2019
Scott Weir Adlington   Registration   30/07/2019
Amal Dalugoda Astley Bridge Egerton Transfer   16/04/2019
Gareth Pryce Astley Bridge   Registration   05/07/2019
ibraheem mirza Astley Bridge   Registration   21/06/2019
Soyab Taylor Astley Bridge Golborne Transfer   16/04/2019
Andrew Judge Atherton CC   Registration   01/06/2019
Darren Stewart Atherton CC   Registration   05/07/2019
George McManus Atherton CC Walkden CC Transfer   18/10/2018
Harry McManus Atherton CC Horwich CC Transfer   18/10/2018
Haseeb Amer Qureshi Atherton CC   Registration Overseas 02/03/2019
Jordan Hart Atherton CC   Registration   05/07/2019
Lewis Bailey Atherton CC Leigh CC Transfer   20/01/2019
Manelker De Silva Atherton CC   Registration Pro 13/04/2019
Muhammed  Israr Ul-Haq Atherton CC Unsworth transfer   31/07/2019
Tom Weigh Atherton CC Haydock cc Transfer   04/03/2019
Adrian Whittaker Blackrod Silverdale Transfer   16/04/2019
Ben Towers Blackrod   Registration   03/05/2019
Bradley Wright Blackrod   Registration   12/06/2019
Nadeem Patel Blackrod   Registration   02/05/2019
Pramod Maduwantha Blackrod   Registration Pro 22/04/2019
Rajdeep Maji Blackrod   Registration   02/05/2019
stephen speak Blackrod   Registration   12/06/2019
Thomas Mabbott Blackrod   Registration   24/07/2019
Ian Dev Singh Chauhan Bradshaw   Registration Pro   23/04/2019
Mark Millhouse Bradshaw   Registration   01/05/2019
mohammed Zaid Patel Bradshaw Deane & Derby Transfer   17/04/2019
Moshin Issop Bradshaw Tonge Transfer   01/05/2019
Sam Sweeney Bradshaw Whalley Transfer   18/04/2019
Ali Hasham Daisy Hill Rishton cc Transfer   04/08/2019
Ammar Baig Daisy Hill Little Hulton Transfer   16/03/2019
Arshan Khan Daisy Hill Little Hulton Transfer   07/06/2019
Azan Baig Daisy Hill   Registration   04/04/2019
Darren Buckley Daisy Hill   Registration   08/05/2019
Geoff Sheelan Daisy Hill   Registration   03/05/2019
Jack Berry Daisy Hill   Registration   03/05/2019
Joe Leeming Daisy Hill lostock  Transfer   05/06/2019
Lee Foster Daisy Hill   Registration   08/05/2019
Manzoor Ahmed Siddique Daisy Hill   Registration   16/04/2019
Mohammed Aqib Zulfiqar Daisy Hill Hartshead moor Transfer   17/05/2019
Muhammad Mobeen Daisy Hill Rawtenstall Transfer   01/05/2019
Ryan Atherton Daisy Hill   Registration   03/05/2019
Stephen Vernon Daisy Hill   Registration   09/07/2019
Steve Parry Daisy Hill   Registration   25/04/2019
Tom Hardstaff Daisy Hill   Registration   03/05/2019
Yayha Khojbalwala Daisy Hill Maghull Transfer   22/05/2019
Adil Sajjad Darcy Lever   Registration   03/07/2019
Afaaq Mehmood Darcy Lever Little Hulton Transfer   25/04/2019
Amaad Afzal Darcy Lever Little Hulton Transfer   25/04/2019
Ayaz Hanif Darcy Lever little lever transfer    08/05/2019
Dayne Ferry Darcy Lever   Registration Overseas 04/03/2019
Habib Sabri Darcy Lever   Registration   30/05/2019
kanwar Preet Singh Darcy Lever   Registration   01/05/2019
mohammad Naveed Darcy Lever   Registration   28/05/2019
Muhammad Imran Sadiq Darcy Lever   Registration Pro 26/03/2019
Nehmaan Rashid Darcy Lever   Registration   13/04/2019
Sultan Sajjad Darcy Lever   Registration   03/07/2019
Zeeshan Ali Darcy Lever   Registration   01/05/2019
Jake O'Byrne Eagley Farnworth SC CC Transfer   28/11/2018
Phil Ingram Eagley Horwich CC Transfer   12/07/2019
Ryan Ayres Eagley Farnworth SC CC Transfer Pro 28/11/2018
Ryan Garner Eagley Bradshaw     23/04/2019
Will Shuttleworth Eagley Farnworth SC CC Transfer   28/11/2018
Ansh Sachdeva Farnworth Cc   Registration   24/04/2019
Hassan Shakeel Farnworth Cc   Registration   30/04/2019
Jonathan Cross Farnworth Cc Heaton Transfer   16/04/2019
Kamran Younas Farnworth Cc   Registration   18/04/2019
Matthew Hicks Farnworth CC Eagley transfer   22/07/2019
Michael Daley Farnworth Cc Farnworth SC CC Transfer   11/06/2019
Morgan Sterling-Schofield Farnworth cc   Registration   03/07/2019
Saif Ur Rhman Stanikzal Farnworth Cc   Registration   24/04/2019
Sajjad Pervez Farnworth Cc   Registration   30/04/2019
Simon Harrison Farnworth Cc Farnworth SC CC Transfer   16/06/2019
Coby Cornish Farnworth Sc cc   Registration Overseas 20/02/2019
Connor Dalton Farnworth Sc cc Horwich CC Transfer   29/12/2018
Craig Cooke Farnworth Sc cc flixton Transfer   02/07/2019
Daniel Walker Farnworth Sc cc flixton Transfer   04/07/2019
David Mather Farnworth Sc cc Kearsley CC Transfer   23/10/2018
Jamie Bohannon Farnworth Sc cc Rochdale Transfer     23/04/2019
Joshua Roscoe Farnworth Sc cc Kearsley CC Transfer   31/05/2019
Max Perry Farnworth Sc cc Farnworth CC Transfer   01/06/2018
Michael Hardman Farnworth Sc cc Dearne cc Transfer   21/06/2019
Patrick Hayhurst Farnworth Sc cc   Registration   03/07/2019
Ron Chandraguptha Farnworth Sc cc   Registration Pro 23/10/2018
Steven Roberts Farnworth Sc cc   Registration   11/07/2019
Andrew Smith Golborne   Registration   28/04/2019
Asif Patel Golborne   Registration   18/04/2019
Azan Baig Golborne Daisy Hill Transfer   17/07/2019
Ben Smith Golborne Leigh cc Transfer   22/05/2019
Dan Hewitt Golborne Leigh cc Transfer   25/04/2019
Dan Hughes Golborne   Registration   01/05/2019
Greg Wood Golborne   Registration   12/07/2019
Harry Tompkins Golborne   Registration   03/07/2019
Jamie Foster Golborne Tonge Transfer   30/07/2019
Jason Revill Golborne   Registration   28/04/2019
Lewis Clarke Golborne Astley & Tyldesley Transfer   30/03/2019
Neil Tong Golborne Daisy Hill Transfer   14/01/2019
Peter Masters Golborne   Registration   22/05/2019
Arron Rushton Heaton Farnworth CC Transfer   14/01/2019
Chris Horner Heaton Walshaw Transfer   26/03/2019
Harsha Rajapaksha Heaton   Registration Pro 26/03/2019
Jake Whittaker Heaton Horwich CC Transfer   01/09/2019
Josh McGreavy Heaton Edgworth Transfer   13/11/2018
Manesh Bhanderi Heaton   Registration   28/04/2019
Muhammad Wasiq Rasheed Heaton Cheadle Hulme Transfer   12/07/2019
Neil Williams-Denton Heaton   Registration   09/01/2019
Ross Dickinson Heaton Bradshaw Transfer   23/07/2019
Sandeep Varsani Heaton   Registration   01/09/2019
Vishal Bhanderi Heaton   Registration   10/05/2019
Waseem Elahi Heaton   Registration   26/03/2019
Danny Higham Horwich CC Farnworth CC Transfer   14/01/2019
Dean Bell Horwich CC Fleetword Transfer   15/04/2019
Jack Berry Horwich CC Kearsley CC Transfer   16/10/2018
Joe Baldwin Horwich CC Farnworth SC CC Transfer   16/10/2018
Jordan Higham Horwich CC Westhoughton Transfer   14/01/2018
Lachlan Fitzpatrick Horwich CC   Registration Overseas 24/04/2019
Adeel Baig Kearsley Atherton CC Transfer Overseas 28/10/2018
Greg Jennings Kearsley Clifton Transfer   30/05/2019
Jaydon Thomson Kearsley   Registration   26/07/2019
Joshua Roscoe Kearsley FSC Transfer   01/12/2019
Matthew Carruthers Kearsley   Registration   26/07/2019
Mohammed Zaheer Kearsley Little Hulton Transfer   17/05/2019
Simon Gray Kearsley   Registration   29/01/2019
Aaron Rushton Little Hulton Heaton Transfer   Elgible to play from 14/05/2019
Aasif Afinwala Little Hulton Darcy lever Transfer   15/04/2019
Afzal Tariq little Hulton Darcy Lever Transfer   26/04/2019
Amitkumar Patel Little Hulton Bolton Indians Transfer   28/04/2019
Arslan Javad Little Hulton Darcy lever Transfer   11/07/2019
Asad Tariq Little Hulton Darcy lever Transfer   28/06/2019
Ashley Perry Little Hulton Flixton Transfer   15/04/2019
Haroon Ali Little Hulton   Registration   23/07/2019
Imran Butt Little Hulton FSC Transfer Pro 03/01/2019
Irfan Patel Little Hulton Darcy Lever Transfer   23/04/2019
iqrar Ul Haq Little Hulton   Registration   21/06/2019
Ishaq Afridis Little Hulton   Registration   04/04/2019
Istiqlal Hanif Little Hulton   Registration   23/05/2019
Jake Wrylie Little Hulton   Registration   03/05/2019
Javid Patel Little Hulton   Registration   14/05/2019
kanwar Preet Singh Little Hulton Darcy lever Transfer   21/06/2019
kanwar Preet Singh Little Hulton Darcy lever Transfer   09/07/2019
Muhanned Akmal Little Hulton   Registration   28/06/2019
Muhammad Atique Little Hulton   Registration   14/06/2019
Nathna Jones Little Hulton Carmel Transfer   09/07/2019
Sarfaraj Bhochaka Little Hulton Deane & Derby Transfer   17/05/2019
Stephen Thomason Little Hulton Walkden CC Transfer   04/04/2019
Tasheen Kazim Little Hulton   Registration   04/03/2019
Umer Ishaq Little Hulton Farnworth CC Transfer   22/04/2019
Usman Ali Little Hulton   Registration   04/03/2019
Awais Zai Little Lever   Registration Pro 26/03/2019
Chris Worrall Little Lever Tonge Transfer   01/05/2019
Haseeb Amer Qureshi Little Lever Atherton CC Transfer   25/07/2019
Jake Wilde Little Lever Daisy Hill Transfer   28/01/2019
Joe Rushton little lever Farnworth Transfer     24/01/2019
Josh Rushmore Little Lever     Overseas 23/10/2018
Mohammed Adnan Khan little lever westhoughton Transfer   19/04/2019
Nazim Patel Little Lever Astley Bridge Transfer   27/03/2019
Adam Sydall Lostock Edgworth Transfer   28/12/2018
James Evans Lostock Clifton Transfer   01/06/2019
Joe Green Lostock   Registration   24/04/2019
Louie Grrenhalgh Lostock Bury Transfer   29/04/2019
Mark Greenhalgg Lostock Bury Transfer   29/04/2019
Mitch Dwyer Lostock   Registration   24/04/2019
Chinthaka Mahadurage Prajith Tonge Golborne Transfer   30/05/2019
Craig Littler Tonge   Registration   30/03/2019
David Bath Tonge Charnock st James Transfer   13/06/2019
Iqbal Malik Tonge   Registration   24/04/2019
James  Murphy Tonge   Registration   21/04/2019
Jamie Foster Tonge Golborne Transfer   15/05/2019
Robert Tully Tonge   Registration   21/12/2018
Sajid Patel Tonge Bolton Indians Transfer   28/01/2019
Simon Entwistle Tonge Astley Bridge Transfer   11/06/2019
Zakir Patel Tonge Bolton Indians Transfer   25/04/2019
Aman Arora Walkden CC Unsworth Transfer   23/04/2019
George McManus Walkden CC Atherton CC Transfer   20/02/2019
Muhammad Asif Iqbal Walkden CC Timperley Transfer   07/06/2019
Muhammad shoaib Walkden CC Daisy Hill Transfer   10/05/2019
Muhammed Rameez Walkden CC   Registration Overseas 18/04/2019
Muhammed Shoaib Walkden CC daisy hill Transfer   10/05/2019
Nathan Rushton Walkden CC Farnworth SC CC Transfer   31/03/2019
Oliver Spence Walkden CC   Registration   22/07/2019
Rasik Senghaal Walkden CC   Registration   17/05/2019
Chesney Hughes Westhoughton   Registration   16/01/2019
Chris Leeming Westhoughton   Registration   05/07/2019
Daniel Leyland Westhoughton   Registration   22/07/2019
Ian Curne Westhoughton   Registration   04/05/2019
James Cox Westhoughton Wollaton Transfer   01/07/2019
John Cowburn Westhoughton   Registration   26/07/2019
Jonathan Carter Westhoughton   Registration Pro 16/01/2019
Matt Fanning Westhoughton blackrod Transfer   17/07/2019
Matthew Trow Westhoughton Lostock Transfer   24/04/2019
Mujammed Ghaŕda Westhoughton   Registration   25/07/2019
Mubarak patel Westhoughton   Registration   21/06/2019
Richard Parker Westhoughton Kearsley CC Transfer   21/04/2019
Saj Ghard Westhoughton   Registration   14/06/2019
Thomas Senior Westhoughton Lostock Transfer