Bolton Cricket League

est. 1930


Fantasy Cricket

Week 6 Update.

Current Leaderboard

PosTeam DetailsMVP Total
1Steve Hodgkinson406.77
3Tom Sheen383.88
4Leanne Taylor382.47
6Stuart Leigh378.23
7Chris Hobson377.41
8Aiden Constantine377.07
9Raj Shah375.77
10Ron Dickenson374.10
11David Morris370.70
12Craig Berry370.54
13Caroline Riley368.88
14Anthony Foster367.34
15Neil Kell366.97
16Danny Khan366.06
17Nick Ford365.95
18David Tonge360.75
19Tom Senior359.49
20Jason Raynor357.49
21Craig Naylor356.12
22Ian Pilkington355.94
23Simon Booth355.82
24Curtis Anderton354.77
25Michael Rutherford354.18
26Paul Walsh354.10
27Stephen Berry353.68
28Gary Tonge353.39
29Daniel Holmes352.32
30Tim Barrow350.81
31Alex Lee349.49
32LOSTOCK CC349.35
33Steven Chilton347.65
34Mike Leeming347.08
35Paul Hutchinson346.60
36John Barrow345.79
37Robert Hardman345.16
38Ray Taylor337.44
39Phil Andrews333.43
40Seb Miller331.52
41Connor Lord328.50
43Demelza Kendall318.49
44David Cryer316.99
45Iain McLellan316.95
46Lee Bridge316.79
47Tiana Lowe316.33
48Grant Cordin314.17
49Andrew Lane308.54
50Sue Taylor307.67
51Garry Brown307.44
52Michael Chilton307.23
53Paul Schofield304.62
54Steven Williams303.29
55Mike Cregan300.73
56Tayler Heyes295.79
58Tom Schofield295.03
59Chris Worrall294.21
60Neil Redford293.95
61Chris Parsons293.60
62Lewis Andrews293.32
63Mark Atherton290.94
64Sehran Khan290.55
65Mark Howarth288.34
66Danny Delvard287.59
67Josh Gilluley283.51
68Harry Morgan282.42
69Calum Barlow280.91
70Thomas James279.97
71Graham Oxtoby277.96
72Nikki Taylor276.22
73Barrie Cryer275.70
74Zak Burton272.80
75Chris Barrow271.82
76Mark Crowder270.94
79Tom Hardstaff266.49
80"Little Jen"265.73
81Matthew Hargraves260.84
82Bradley Yates260.62
83Cameron Murray257.19
84TONGE CC251.79
85Tracey Phillips247.33
86HEATON CC242.21
87Mr W D Entwistle229.96
89EAGLEY CC223.89
90WALKDEN CC220.02
94Mike Buckley208.75
95Dave Halliday206.86
97Jackie Yates195.88
98Bradley Barrow186.02
99Niall Burke185.37
100KEARSLEY CC182.47
102GOLBORNE CC163.81
103Dominique Hankinson115.41
104BRADSHAW CC112.54

Competition Details.

The Bolton News in connection with the Bolton Cricket League is bringing you a great new Bolton League Fantasy Cricket competition, and here is your chance to enter. The paper has teamed up with the Bolton Cricket League to create a fantastic fun game. And, thanks to sponsor Anthony Axford timber merchants of Farnworth, there is a £400 prize on offer to the winner.

A limit of 150 entrants has been set who will each pick a team of 11 players from the 20teams who will line up in the Bolton League's two divisions this season.

Points will be awarded to the players depending on how well they perform in the 18 league games, and the winning entrant will be the one who amasses the most points throughout the season. The competition is based on the MVP(Most Valuable Player) statistics from the electronic scoring system CricHQ. Entrants can select five players from the Premier Division and five players from the Association Division plus one professional from either division.

Each week an updated table will appear on The Bolton News website and in the paper so entrants can keep up with how they stand. A bowler's unassisted wicket will be worth 2.5 points. A wicket taken with the assistance of a fielder or wicketkeeper will be worth 1.25 points for the bowler and 1.25 points for the fielder or wicketkeeper. A bowler will be awarded a 10 per cent bonus for each subsequent wicket, and will be rewarded if their economy rate is lower than the team's average and penalised if it is higher. A fielder will earn 2.5 points for each run out, and a 10 per cent bonus for each subsequent catch or runout. A batsman will earn 2.5 points for every 25 runs scored, and will be rewarded if their strike rate is higher than the team's average and penalised if it is lower. Batsmen lower down the order can earn bonuses not available to the batsmen higher in the order.

Only the main BoltonLeague competition will count towards the points, and players need to be participating to add to their points. The prize money will bes hared if there is more than one winner.

Entry instructions

Select five players from Premier Division clubs and five players from Association Division clubs. One of your players selected must be a wicketkeeper, but only one keeper can be selected. Select a professional from any division.

Send your list of players along with their unique codes to the email address: along with your name, address and contact details as requested on the form. Alternatively you can post your entry to BCLFantasy Cricket, 12 Sedgley Drive, Westhoughton, Bolton. BL5 2LT.

If you enter a team by email, you will receive a confirmation of your entry by either text or email.


Only one entry allowed per person or per club. Maximum number of entries will be 150 teams.Individual's team names will be the entrant's name. Cricket clubs will use their club name. There will be one prize of £400 awarded to either a winning club or individual. The award will take place after the end of the 2017 season. Entry is free to any person or any cricket club. All team entries must be either filled in on the official form or emailed to: Closing date for all team entries is 12 noon on Friday, May 12, 2017.

Teams must consist of the following: five Premier Division players, five AssociationDivision players, one professional or overseas amateur. No more than one player is to be chosen from any club. Entries must include one wicketkeeper in their team selection. Players must be selected from the list of players printed in The Bolton News.Incorrectly selected teams or players will be rejected by the competition organisers.

The Bolton News and competition sponsors Anthony Axford do not have any involvement in the administration of this competition. The competition will run onSaturdays from May 20 to September 16, 2017 and MVP points can only be scored from Bolton League matches and not T20 or cup matches. Any player not involved in a first-team league match on a Saturday(either playing second team or not playing at all) will score no MVP points for that week.